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The Place Alliance brings together ideas and evidence on the value of place quality and its governance.  It encourages collaboration between organisations and individuals who share a belief that the quality of the built environment matters and has a profound influence on people’s lives.  We believe that through collaboration we can create and maintain better places.  We share knowledge and support each other to demand and realise buildings, streets and spaces that enhance the quality of life for all.

The Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) campaigns for the reform of the UK’s planning system to promote sustainable development and social justice. The TCPA founded the first Garden Cities in Letchworth and Welwyn and successfully secured the first planning legislation in 1909. The association campaigned through the inter-war period for new settlements and a transformation in housing standards sparking a worldwide interest in town planning.

Francis Tibbalds was one of the founding members of the Urban Design Group (UDG).
The UDG is a membership charity open to all who care about the quality of life in our cities, towns and villages and believe that raising standards of urban design is central to its improvement.

The UDG believes that good urban design depends upon successful collaboration between all those who shape the built environment, whatever their professional or personal background.

Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design is a team of architects, planners and urban designers.

Established by Francis Tibbalds in 1978, they continue to apply his principles throughout their work. Their philosophy remains close to his original ethos: making people-friendly places for the benefit of those who will use them. In its current form the company is majority employee-owned and dedicated to the focus on the interface between planning and urban design.

edge Urban Design is a fresh, innovative and exciting Urban Design practice with extensive experience of delivering successful projects throughout the UK. Their team of Urban Designers are highly skilled and respected in the master planning profession, having delivered between them planning permissions for in excess of 30,000 new homes across the UK throughout their careers. With a strong grounding in Architecture and Landscape Architecture, they have the experience to deliver successful placemaking projects of all scales – from cities and towns to neighbourhoods, streets, and spaces.

Kevin Murray Associates is an award-winning niche consultancy operating across the spectrum of spatial planning, regeneration, urban design and community consultation. Established in 2002, the practice draws from over 30 years’ direct experience in leading edge projects in town planning, regeneration, urban design and economic development. A range of services is offered to suit the needs of different client groups and geographical circumstances, and we can happily operate as either lead consultant and as part of a team.

Philip Cave Associates has a passion to create places that give inspiration and enjoyment to the people that use them – to us there is no standard project as we strive to innovate in every scheme. Our core skills are landscape architecture and urban design , with related expertise in public consultation, ecology, and public art. Our main interest is in designing public realm and semi private schemes for private developers and local authorities

Pollard Thomas Edwards (PTE) combines design talent, commercial acumen and social commitment to lift every day places out of the ordinary.
PTE specialises in the creation of new neighbourhoods and the revitalisation of old ones. Our projects embrace the whole spectrum of residential development and other essential ingredients which make our cities, towns and villages into thriving and sustainable places: schools and nurseries, health and community centres, shops and workspaces, places to recreate, exercise and enjoy civic life.

Urban Movement is a design practice characterised by a strong desire to improve our streets, public spaces, and transport infrastructure. We innovate yet still deliver, exploring new ways of approaching conventional tasks. We work creatively with an emphasis on team-work across our different areas of expertise, collaborating closely, unified by the ambition to continue to create better streets and spaces that work, and which people enjoy.

We are an inter-disciplinary team with all the skills necessary to work creatively and flexibly in all urban environments. This inter-disciplinary approach to street and public space design enables us to rigorously analyse, question and use a full variety of technical data, based on which we develop innovative solutions for complex environmental, physical, economic and social problems.

Urben Studio is an interdisciplinary practice focused on planning, design and problem solving for urban environments. With a passion for making our cities better places, we work at a range of scales, from large strategic masterplans to small community spaces and everything in between.

Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and Planning are the services that underpin our holistic approach to Urbanism.