What kind of event?

We want to help promote a series of events and programmes that put people at the heart of urban design and planning, to explore a range of ideas, topics and issues. These events will raise awareness, contribute to the campaign and our communal understanding of people-friendly places.

Conversations can include talks, site visits, walkabouts and workshops. A conversation could be strategic, exploring the meaning of public realm in our society, or focussed on details such as highway adoption in practice. There is no limit or editorial guidance, other than that the activity should support and contribute to the campaign. We have started The Conversation under the following headings, but more could be added:

If you’d like to add your event or programme to the listings, please submit an event here.
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For more detailed events, content, activities, films and videos, send an email to: Conversation@People-FriendlyPlaces.org

Who can participate?


Throughout the year-long initiative, we are asking groups, organisations and individuals such as yourselves to show your support by facilitating and taking part in conversations in your local area and/or under specific themes. We hope that many people, groups and individuals, will join in this celebration and show their support for putting people at the heart of placemaking.

How long will The Conversation run?

The Conservation is a year-long initiative, spanning from November 2018 until November 2019.

Is funding available?

Sadly not.

This is a voluntary initiative to celebrate the publication of Francis Tibbalds’ book and demonstrate our continued support for people-friendly places.

Groups that support this initiative are doing so in order to promote people-focused design. Unfortunately, there is no funding available to help organise events.

What does the forum include?

This forum provides a platform to post your events and let people know about your activities. It also lets you share your activities and discussions in the form of videos, pictures, blogs and written text and allows others to engage on-line.

This is an open forum administrated and overseen jointly by the Urban Design Group and Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design.

We won’t screen contributions based on editorial criteria – all comments and ideas are welcome. We will, however, aim to ensure that basic rules of engagement are respected and that information is correct.

If you’d like to add your event or programme to the listings, please submit an event here.

If you’d like to upload your blog or some content, please submit a blog post using this method.

Rules of Engagement

The People-Friendly Places forum is intended to facilitate respectful dialogue related to blog posts published by our contributors. By posting to the forum you agree to be solely responsible for the content of all information you contribute, link to, or otherwise upload. All comments must comply with the Rules of Engagement.

We want you to engage in the forum, and your activities, insight, thoughts, comments, ideas are always welcome, but there are a few guidelines you need to follow.

All comments are screened for relevance and compliance with our Rules of Engagement.

We are all entitled to our personal opinions and sometimes discussions can get heated, but please remember why this forum is here and think before posting.

Be respectful. We will delete any content that includes personal attacks, profanities, defamatory or libellous comments, or comments that violate copyright or intellectual property rights.

Be relevant. People-FriendlyPlaces.org is a forum to celebrate and share our professional and personal passion for making places, with a focus on urban design and planning. We encourage you to be a part of The Conversation by sharing comments that stay on blog topics. A relevant dialogue will help us further discussion, make connections and discover new concepts.

People-FriendlyPlaces.org is neither a forum to inquire about current or prospective business nor is it a forum to promote your own business, blog, product or service.

By using our site, you agree to the above Rules of Engagement.

How do I post a blog post?

Submit a blog post by logging in and clicking ‘My Sites’ and ‘Add Blog Post‘ in the top left corner of the webpage. Please keep in mind the Rules of Engagement when posting.