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      Brian Q Love

      A lot of the attraction of cars is that they protect us from the weather. To persuade people to leave their cars something at least as attractive has to be offered.

      Walking and cycling can be made much more attractive by provision of protective canopies to provide continuous shelter for journeys to popular destinations such as shops and stations. For an example see those around Tenri station in Japan See https://goo.gl/maps/C238ewACGgm   

      The cost of their installation can be recouped by using transparent PV glass which generates electricity and provides free streetlightng. See http://www.polysolar.co.uk

      The idea is not new. In Garden Cities of Tomorrow Ebenezer Howard wrote|: Running all round the Central Park is a wide glass arcade called the “Crystal Palace”.This building is in wet weather one of the favourite resorts of the people. Here most of that class of shopping which requires the joy of deliberation and selection is done. The space enclosed by the Crystal Palace is, however, a good deal larger than is required for these purposes, and a considerable part of it is used as a Winter Garden.

      What prevented them being built was the cost. With the arrival of transparent PV glass that is no longer the case. Walking and cycling can become a pleasant experience all the year around as Howard describes. Protective canopies extend the advantages of the shopping mall throughout an entire neighbourhood.

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