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7 mistakes when selling a home.

When we start selling a home, we are excited: we think about its strengths and we believe that we are going to sell it right away. But many times, it happens that time passes, and we see that few people are interested in her. What happen? Why doesn’t anyone want to buy our house?

When selling a home, especially when it is the first time that owners go through this process, people often make a number of common mistakes due to lack of experience and insufficient information. These errors can be expensive if we do not know how to avoid or tackle them in time.

Therefore, from Tajarat prorperties we explain what these errors are and the solutions to sell a home with the greatest possible success.

1- Set an inappropriate price.

Many sellers tend to first value their home at a price above the market. The emotional component that unites you with the house causes you to want to sell at a high price. But this only reduces the chances of a sale.

Although it is thought that starting the sale asking for a high amount will allow you to negotiate a good price with potential buyers, the truth is that many people are not even going to be interested if they find similar homes at a lower price.

Likewise, establishing an amount of money below the market price to try to sell more quickly will not obtain the adequate profitability of that property.

2- Wait for a ‘good’ offer to arrive.

Sellers sometimes turn down good offers because they wait for a better one to come along. Keep in mind that most people will try to lower the price, so it is good to have a reasonable price margin in which we can accept the sale.

Sometimes, that good offer is the first because they are very interested buyers who have been waiting for a property of these characteristics. And many salespeople tend to decline that first offer because they hope that something better will eventually come along. It is not usually this way.

3- Not having the necessary documentation.

In order to sell a home, it is necessary to have all the documentation in order. Sometimes, the owner wants to sell his property as soon as possible and does not review these procedures so that in the end he cannot carry out the operation.

The Energy Efficiency Certificate is the document most often overlooked by homeowners. This certificate is mandatory since 2013 to sell and rent a home. Its function is to measure the level of CO2 emissions according to the energy consumption of the house.

But it is also necessary to have the following documents:

  • The deed of sale.
  • The last receipt of the Real Estate Tax (IBI).
  • The proof that the house is free of payment in the community of neighbors.
  • The Simple Note of the Property Registry.
  • If there is a home mortgage loan, the outstanding debt certificate is required.
  • In some cases, the certificate of occupancy is also necessary.

4- Wait for the price to rise to sell higher.

A very common mistake when deciding when to put your home up for sale is waiting for market prices to rise. The real estate sector is constantly changing, and it is especially when prices are more stable, when it is the best time to sell because there are more people who are encouraged to buy.

Waiting for prices to rise and not being flexible with negotiations means it takes longer to sell the house.

 5- Choosing the wrong buyer.

Sometimes it is better to choose an offer at a lower price than a higher one, but you are not sure that the buyer has absolute financial solvency.

If there are doubts that the bank cannot grant you a mortgage, it is best not to give up the house, not remove the sold sign and continue attending hearings until the operation is completed at the notary.

6- Not having a presence on the network.

Nowadays, the first thing buyers do is search for flats on the internet, especially on real estate portals. Therefore, not having a presence on digital channels greatly reduces the chances of being found.

Having the help of a real estate professional, such as Casablanca, will help you improve that presence on the web.

7- Take care of the decorative aspects.

When it comes to teaching the home, it is important to take care of the decorative aspects. Having the house in good condition is a plus to sell it as soon as possible.

If there are broken plugs, peeling or peeling walls, it should be fixed before putting the house on sale so that it visually attracts more buyers.

It is also important to depersonalize the home, that is, to eliminate familiar details such as photos and personal belongings. When buyers see a house both through photos and live, they have to see themselves living there and the fewer elements of the people currently living there, the easier it will be to create this feeling.

8- Not having the help of a professional

Although at the beginning of embarking on the process of selling a home, many people prefer to do it on their own to save costs, the truth is that having the help of real estate professionals is essential.

The sales process, as we have seen, requires knowledge of the market and of the management procedures. Therefore, a specialized and experienced team advises you adequately on the entire process and is pending every day to sell your property to the right person. Everything will be much easier and faster.

5 recommendations to sell your apartment this 2019

If you are thinking of selling or renting your house, you should ask yourself a series of questions in order to get the most out of your home. Giving a good image of the house is the key to be successful, taking care of the general presentation of the house as well as making clear all the strengths of it is crucial for buyers to be interested in your property.

Continuing with what we explained a while ago about the keys to selling your house, in this article we give you a series of tips to make your house attractive to new tenants.

1- The importance of the first impression to sell your apartment.

If your home is on a real estate portal on the web, the first exposed image of your home should be striking since it is the first thing the potential tenant looks at.

It has to give an overall impact of what the house offers. It is essential that the images are with the best possible lighting, let natural light permeate the room when taking pictures.

One of the most common mistakes is to include poor photos that do not take advantage of the full potential of the house. Blurry or poor-quality images are the main reasons for an advertisement not to be taken into account.

2- Make clear all the details of the house.

Carefully detailing the qualities of the house is a very good way for you to win potential buyers. The main home sales portals require specifying the rooms and bathrooms of the house as well as the square meters of the house.

To attract the attention of buyers, it is advisable to indicate more specific details such as energy efficiency, the presence of an elevator, fibre optics or any detail that makes your home more attractive.

In the advertisement of your home, it is advisable to present the characteristics in a small text, listing the characteristics of the house as a shopping list is not attractive and the details presented are not optimally appreciated.

3- Strengths of the neighbourhoods / area

In order to be able to sell your apartment easily, it is advisable to indicate the services offered by the area in which you are located.

The best way to make this clear is to inform about the existence of nearby supermarkets, health and educational centres as well as leisure options such as libraries or parks. These are the most important claims when considering the situation of a home.

Other important information to note are the connections available in the area in which the home is located. Highlighting the different nearby public transport (urban bus lines or metro) is a very useful and profitable idea to give more value to your home.

4- Make the house as clean as possible.

If you want a house to be attractive so you can sell your apartment sooner, potential tenants have to feel like they can live there. To make this possible, there are some tips that help give birth to housing:

  • Tidy up and spruce up the house but avoid looking like a lifeless place, let it continue to look like home.
  • One aspect that sometimes goes unnoticed is the windows, make sure they are clean.
  • A fresh coat of paint brings fresh air into the home and rejuvenates the environment.
  • Place lamps in the darkest areas to give more warmth.
  • To provide more charm to the home, it is advisable to put a painting on the walls or curtains to avoid aseptic spaces.
  • Make sure nothing is faulty or broken. This is crucial for renters to lean toward your home.

5- Helps to give more value to your house

If decorating the house brings you headaches, in recent years the trend of home staging has developed, which consists of hiring interior design professionals to get the most out of your home for potential buyers.

It is about a set-up to speed up you can sell your apartment, to improve the appearance of the house so that it is more attractive to potential tenants.

If you follow these steps, we are sure that you will have a better chance of acquiring a home in lahore smart city When the offers of new tenants rain down on you and you don’t know which one to choose, here are the keys to finding the perfect tenant.

What to Do Before Hiring a Handyman?

It would not be a lot of an issue if a handyman is suggested by friend or family. Nonetheless, when he was chosen using an on-line advertisement, a publication advertisement or mail, it’s critical to request for referrals since he will certainly operate within a residence.
Ask the handyman inquiries concerning his experience as well as capacity.

How much time has he remained in this type of work? What tasks does he concentrate on? What are his favored tasks? Inquiries ought to be straight to the factor so property owners will certainly recognize if he or she can doing various other tasks. As an example, if they like him to do a specific task like putting flexible shelving in the garage, it is essential to recognize if the handyman can various other crafts. When property owners really feel secure with the handyman, they can surely designate various other jobs whether on the exact same day or later.

Learn about licenses as well as enrollment…
The regulations for licensing as well as enrollment for house fixing specialists vary from one mention to another as well as any type of handyman should comply with them. Since ‘handywork’ tasks that go across various other crafts are a little bit little, regulations worrying contractors as well as specialists could not be appropriate to handyman in a specific location .

As an example, some regulations rely on the typical dimension of the job; others on the contractor’s yearly earnings as well as there are mentions that call for licensing for each professional while some mentions don’t call for anything. The regulations in some huge huge municipal locations can surely actually differ from one obstruct to another. Various other mentions accept comply with neighborhood federal governments. All these can surely be extremely complicated!
To recognize the licensing demands in a specific location , homeowners can surely ask their neighborhood constructing inspector/community hall.

How does a handyman place a rate on his operate? Does he use approximates? Does he bill by the hr/fifty percent hr?
This is a problem that could be partly controlled by the mention/city government. There are mentions that call for a created quotation for tasks that set you back greater than a specific buck number. By doing this, customers are safeguarded from deceitful specialists that offer a quote after that prosper with billing a lot more.

A great deal of handymen bill by the hr with a minimal bill. Property owners ought to bear in mind of a handyman’s per hour prices. Some handymen bill an per hour price because of their appeal as well as overhanging expenditures, to call couple of.

Really, there’s little bit or no link in between the per hour price as well as the handyman’s ability. Usually, rates is not based upon an esoteric formula yet instead, what the marketplace will certainly have the ability to birth in addition to the competitors prices.

It would certainly be a little bit frightening to offer an authority simply to any individual. If they prefer to invest more for the task checklist, after that they ought to notify their handyman ahead of time. He can surely allow them recognize what is required, what might go appropriate as well as many specifically, fail, that would certainly make them exceed their spending plan. When both events are sincere with their trade of details, there will certainly no more be shocks.